Social Movement Organizations in the Media

Meta-data Identifiers from Project for Public Use

The project described below is releasing organization names (ONAMEs), unique numerical identifiers (IDs), aliases that we are aware the organization went by during our period of study (ALIAS), and other incidental notes helpful to disambiguating any given organization from another with a similar or identical ONAME (NOTES). Organizations in this release are drawn from two existing datasets: organizations mentioned in the Dynamics of Collective Action Dataset (DOCA) and organizations followed by the Political Organizations in the News (PONS) dataset. Our hope is that scholars collecting data on social movement organizations in the US will use these identifiers so that data that they collect can be easily merged on to other data released later by our projects and others that also use these identifiers. If people use them consistently, it will become nominal to assimilate new organization data into existing datasets. We are providing the data in two formats:

1) An organizational-level file with no linkages to DOCA in Excel.

2) An organizational-level file with additional fields to append these data to specific DOCA eventids in Stata that the ONAME was reported as being involved.


This project is funded by three related collaborative NSF Awards: you can read a project description on the NSF website. The project is collecting data on several thousand social movement organizations from 1960-1995. The project has three other partners: Ed AmentaNeal Caren, and Sarah Soule .

Major goals of the project include understanding how organizations like ACLU or National Organization of Women gain visibility, shape social movement trajectories, and influence public opinion.

2012-2013 Lab Members

2012-2013 Lab Members(left to right): Misty Ring (Lab Manager), Heidi Reynolds-Stenson (Lab Manager), Shelby Curtis, Amanda Ehredt, and Jesus Serrano-Carega

Misty Ring

Misty is a 4th year PhD student in Sociology at the University of Arizona. Her primary areas of interest are organizations, especially non-profit and social movement organizations, and research methods. She is particularly interested in the relationship between organizational characteristics and outcomes.

Heidi Reynolds-Stenson

Heidi is a 4th year PhD student in Sociology at the University of Arizona. Her areas of interest include social movements, culture, and law. She is particularly interested in how social movement communities and organizations work to sustain participation in the face of repression and other costs.


Shelby Curtis

Shelby is a double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice, graduating in May. She joined the project in Fall 2012 and hopes to continue on to graduate school in psychology, focusing on the motivations behind criminal behavior.

Amanda Ehredt

Amanda is a History and Psychology double major and will graduate in Spring of 2015. After college she plans on attending law school. Amanda joined the project as a Sophomore in 2012.


Jesus Serrano-Careaga

Jesus is a junior majoring in both Psychology and Sociology. His goal is to attend graduate school and study psychology and law.