Social Movement Organizations Meta Data

Meta-data Identifiers from Project for Public Use

The project described below is releasing organization names (ONAMEs), unique numerical identifiers (IDs), aliases that we are aware the organization went by during our period of study (ALIAS), and other incidental notes helpful to disambiguating any given organization from another with a similar or identical ONAME (NOTES). Organizations in this release are drawn from two existing datasets: organizations mentioned in the Dynamics of Collective Action Dataset (DOCA) and organizations followed by the Political Organizations in the News (PONS) dataset. Our hope is that scholars collecting data on social movement organizations in the US will use these identifiers so that data that they collect can be easily merged on to other data released later by our projects and others that also use these identifiers. If people use them consistently, it will become nominal to assimilate new organization data into existing datasets. We are providing the data in two formats:

1) An organizational-level file with no linkages to DOCA in Excel.

2) An organizational-level file with additional fields to append these data to specific DOCA eventids in Stata that the ONAME was reported as being involved.