Waitlists and Adding a Course

Due to the high volume of waitlist requests, I do not keep a waitlist for courses that I teach.

Prior to the beginning of the term and during the first week of the term: Students should try to add a course whenever a seat opens up for registration. If there are seats showing as available but you cannot register, check that you can register for other courses and that you meet the reg requirements (including major requirements for early registration). If you do not meet the pre-registration requirements, or you need instructor approval to add, you will have to try to add the course by attending during the first week. I will not sign any add forms for any reason before the start of the 2nd week of class.

From the 2nd week of the class onward:
Students who cannot add the class for whatever reason should attend class and turn in assignments. Only students who turn in acceptable, on-time assignments will be eligible to add the course. When/if a slot opens up, I will add sociology-major seniors who have turned in assignments first, then non-soc major seniors who have turned in assignments, etc. If no or too few slots open up to get to your name on the list of folks turning in assignments, you won't get an add code.